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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
9 United States Scott 13 Fine+ Used Type I SCV.$900 PASS
13 United States Scott 24 Fine OG NH SCV.$140++ 75
16 United States Scott 33 F-VF Used Washington SCV.$180 PASS
35 United States Scott 118 F-VF Used SCV.$800 PASS
39 United States Scott 120 VF Used SCV.$1100 PASS
41 United States Scott 121 F-VF Used SCV.$400 PASS
43 U.S.Scott 122 VF Used 90¢ Lincoln 1973 PF cert SCV.$1800 PASS
49 United States Scott 215 Fine OG NH 4¢ Jackson SCV.$525 75
54 U.S. Scott 240 F-VF Used 50¢ Columbian SCV.$175 PASS
57 United States Scott 242 F-VF Unused SCV.$500 PASS
58 United States Scott 243 F-VF OG NH $3 Columbian SCV.$4250 PASS
60 United States Scott 245 Fine OG H $5 Columbian SCV.$2300 PASS
61 U.S.Scott 291 F-VF Used Prospectors SCV.$175 PASS
71 United States Scott 398 F-VF OG LH/NH Block of 4 SCV.$102 PASS
80 Scott 4806 var, 2013 Inverted Jenny limited edition souvenir set PASS
87 United States Scott E6 Fine OG NH SCV.$500 PASS
90 United States Scott E8 F-VF OG LH SCV.$110 PASS
92 U.S. Scott J15 Fine OG NH Block of 4 SCV.$800 PASS
100 Postal Card and Postcard Group (8) with Better on Auction Cards PASS
107 U.S. Federal and Ohio State Duck Stamp Lot PASS
108 United States Federal Duck Stamp Lot PASS
110 United States Scott RW3-RW6 OG LH SCV.$550 PASS
111 United States RW39-RW43 Plate Blocks NH SCV.$357+ PASS
113 United States Ohio OH1 Block of 4 Duck Stamps SCV.$200 PASS
119 United States Scott 584 F-VF OG LH p#block of 4 SCV.$275 PASS
120 United States Scott 612 Fine+ OG NH p#block SCV.$500 PASS
123 United States Scott 678 Ave-F OG NH SCV.$675 PASS
124 U.S. Scott 756-765 VF NGAI NH Imperforate Parks SCV.$254 PASS
135 U.S. Mint Stock 1920-1930's Huge Catalog Value PASS
136 (2)Volume United States Plate Block Collection 1940-1984 PASS
143 United States Stamp Collection Accumulation PASS
146 United States Booklet Collection Face $360+ PASS
147 United States Used Stamp Accumulation PASS
149 United States Used Unused Stamp Selection PASS
150 United States Stamp Collection PASS
151 United States Stamp Collection & Postal Stationery Lot PASS
155 United States On Off Paper Accumulation PASS
158 United States Scott 525 Fine OG NH Full Sheet of 100 SCV.$600+ PASS
159 United States Sheets, Plate Blocks and Scrap Postage Face $390+ PASS
161 United States Sheets, Plate Blocks and Scrap postage Face $380+ PASS
198 Argentin Scott 31a Fine Used Inverted Overprint SCV.$750 PASS
200 Australia Used Stamp Collection PASS
202 Austria - In Depth Unused Dealer Stock Scott 856//1220 PASS
203 Austria Unused Used Stamp Collection SCV.$1400+ PASS
209 Bahamas Scott 2 Fine Used SCV.$425 PASS
210 Bahamas Scott 11 F-VF OG LH SCV.$140 PASS
212 Bolivia Unused Used on Stockpages SCV.$870+ PASS
213 Brazil Scott 1CL10-13,1CLF2 on Registered Condor Cover PASS
214 British Guiana Scott O9 F-VF Used official APS cert SCV.$750 PASS
216 Canada Early to Scott 177 Unused Used Stamp Lot PASS
234 PRC China First Day Covers Postcards 1991-1996 Literature PASS
236 Cuba - Rare 2011 Impeforate Issues Ediphil Cat.Val. €1620 PASS
238 Finland Scott 2 F-VF Used Pen & Town Cancel SCV.$575 PASS
242 France Scott B27 F-VF OG VLH SCV.$140 PASS
243 1909 Paris and 1910 Nantes Aviation Meeting Stamps PASS
247 Germany - In Depth Unused Dealer Stock Scott 1028//1471 PASS
250 Germany and GDR Used Stamp collection PASS
268 Great Britain - Dealer Stock Unused Used Stamps in dealer 102 cards SCV.$5600 PASS
269 Great Britain Mint Sets and Matching First Day Covers PASS
271 Great Britain Scott 49 F-VF Block of 4 Used SCV.$250+ PASS
272 Great Britain Scott 71 Ave-F Used SCV.$500 PASS
273 Great Britain Scott 75 Fine Used £1 value 2019 SCV.$4500 PASS
274 Great Britain Scott 110 F-VF Used £1 Queen Elizabeth SCV.$3750 PASS
275 Great Britian Scott O54a Fine Used SCV.$120 PASS
277 Guinea Unused Stamp Collection 1959-1973 plus PASS
282 Liechtenstein Scott C1-C13 F-VF+ OG H SCV.$536+ PASS
283 Luxembourg - Unused Used Selection on Cards SCV.$860+ PASS
284 Monaco Unused Used in Stockbook PASS
285 Monaco Scott 1021 var. XF OG NH Souvenir Sheet PASS
286 Netherlands & Colonies Dealer Stock SCV.$750 PASS
288 Nepal Unused Stamp Selection to 1934 SCV.$850+ PASS
289 Nevis Unused Stamp Selection SCV,$100+ PASS
290 North Borneo Unused Used Stamp Collection SCV.$3700++ PASS
294 Portuguese Colonies Unused Used Stamp Collection PASS
295 Russia Unused Used Stamp Collection 1980-2000 PASS
296 Straits Settlements Scott 1 VF Used SCV.$200 PASS
297 Straights Settlements Scott 9 Fine OG H SCV.$525 PASS
298 Sweden Unused Used Stamp Collection 1855-1992 PASS
299 Sweden Stamps & First Days 1949-1958 PASS
300 Sweden - Collection of Covers 1940-1990 PASS
301 Sweden Scott LX1 Fine Used 1858 Stamp for City Postage SCV.$550 PASS
302 Sweden Scott LX2 VF Used Stamp for City Postage SCV.$550 PASS
303 Turkey Scott P66 F-VF OG LH Newspaper issue SCV.$500 PASS
304 United Nations Dealer Stock of Stamps Cards Envelopes PASS
305 United Nations Stamp and Cover Collection PASS
308 Vatican City 35-39 Unused Used VF SCV.$890+ PASS
309 Yugoslavia Trieste Scott C17 VF OG LH S/S SCV.$200 PASS
310 Yugoslavia Trieste Scott C17a VF OG LH S/S SCV.$200 PASS
311 George Washington & American Bicentennial New Issue Lot PASS
312 1976 American Bicentennial Unused Stamp Collection PASS
313 World War II Era Swiss Feldpost Poster Military stamps collection PASS
314 Hungary and Bulgaria Stamp Collections and FDC's PASS
315 Yugoslavia and Croatia to 1978 in Munkus Album PASS
317 British Pacific Islands Unused Used Stock PASS
320 1977 Silver Jubilee New Issues PASS
322 U.S. Canada Great Britain and Foreign Better Issues in Counter Book PASS
324 United States and Worldwide Stamp Collections PASS
325 U.S. and Worldwide Stamp Collection Accumulation PASS
326 U.S. and Worldwide Stamp and Cover Accumulation PASS
327 United States Stamp Collection PASS
328 Worldwide Unused Used in dealer cards SCV.$4500+ PASS
329 Worldwide Stamp Collection in (25) Scott albums PASS
330 Worldwide New Issues 1979-1984 PASS
331 Worldwide New Issues Mostly F-G Countries PASS
332 Worldwide Unused Used Stamp Selection on Cards SCV.$3500+ PASS
335 Worldwide Stamp Collection Accumlation PASS
336 Worldwide New Issues 1987-1994 PASS
337 Worldwide Stamp Collection in (13)Scott Internationals PASS
338 Worldwide Stamp Collection with Souvenir Sheets PASS
339 Worldwide Stamp Collection PASS
340 Worldwide New Issues G-I countries 1974-1980 PASS
346 Worldwide Souvenir Sheets PASS
350 Worldwide Stamp Collection Accumulation PASS
352 Worldwide Stamp Unused Used Accumulation PASS
353 Worldwide Stamps and Cover Collection PASS
354 Worldwide Stamp Collection Accumulation PASS
356 Portugal and Colonies Plus Poland on Stock Pages PASS
358 Davo Album Supplements PASS
361 (50)+ Sets of Reproduction Train Wreck Postcards 1954 Columbia PASS
364 Washington Franklin Postal History Collection PASS
365 The Taft Family Through Philately Exhibit PASS
366 World War II and Korean War Military Cover (400) APO FPO PASS
367 Event First Day and First Flight Covers PASS
368 Cleveland Ohio (19) Covers and Cards 19th c. PASS
370 Eagle & Shield Civil War Patriotic Cover Used in South PASS
371 (3)19th c. Covers with Scott 9's Evidence of Recutting PASS
372 Rare Smithsonian Milestones of Flight Cover Set 1-100 PASS
373 Modern Coil Stamps on Cover Plus More PASS
374 United States Cover Lot PASS
377 United States Cover Lot PASS
378 United States Cover Lot PASS
379 United States Modern Postal History Lot PASS
380 United States Cover Lot PASS
381 (600-800) U.S. Commemorative Covers 1975-2000 PASS
382 Austria - Large lot of Postal History PASS
383 British Commonwealth Cover Lot PASS
385 (100)'s of U.S. and Foreign Modern Commems on Cover PASS
386 Worldwide Cover Lot PASS
390 Worldwide Cover Lot PASS
391 Worldwide and U.N. First Day Cover Lot PASS