Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Please note: We take absentee bids via www.fuscoauctionslive.com until (15)minutes before the start of the live auction. There will be a brief delay between the absentee bidding and the start of the live auction. 

ABSENTEE & INTERNET BIDDERS - Invoices will be sent out by Fusco Auctions to successful bidders who participate in the auction via absentee bidding or Fusco Live bidding beginning Wed-Fri AFTER the auction. This can take several days to complete. All invoices will be sent out no later than two weeks following the auction. Auction attendees are expected to make full payment the day of the sale.

Bid  - Increment

$1-99 - $5.00, $100-299 - $10.00, $300-749 - 25.00, $750-1499 - $50.00, $1500-2999 - $100.00,                        $3000 & UP - $250.00

1. BIDDING - Bid by lot number as printed in the catalog. All bids are handled competitively, and all lots are sold at one bid increment over the next highest bid provided they reach a reasonable bid level. It is the Auctioneer's discretion as to whether or not a reasonable bid level has been obtained. The placing of a bid will constitute acceptance of the conditions of sale. The Auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and in the event of a dispute the Auctioneer's decision will be final. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for errors and omissions in executing instructions to bid. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for floor bids that are unintentionally missed or obscure. In the event of a tie bid, the earliest non-internet bid will be chosen as the winner of the lot. Incorrect bid increments will not be accepted.

2. ABSENTEE BIDDING - Ceiling bids will be executed for absentee bidders in accordance with Rule 1 above. For example, if an absentee bidder places a ceiling bid of $400 on an item and the under bidder, whether from the floor or another absentee bidder, finished bidding at $210, the high absentee bidder would be awarded the lot at $220. The Auctioneer will bid up to and including the high ceiling only if needed to outbid the under bidder. All absentee bids are handled in complete confidence. Call 440.975.8938, email pfusco@fuscoauctions.com, fax 440.975.0163, and regular written or faxed absentee bids must be received by noon the day of the sale. Please note our current office hours: Tuesday through Friday from 10-5.

3. FUSCO LIVE, LIVE AUCTIONEERS, AUCTION ZIP LIVE BIDDING - All interested parties MUST register before the start of the auction. All bidding online is done so in accordance with Live Auctioneers and Fusco Auctions terms of sale. No bid retractions are allowed once the auction begins. Fusco Auctions reserves the right to reject any bid. PLEASE READ BUYER'S PREMIUM.

4. PAYMENT/CREDIT - Successful bidders are expected to make payment in full before the lots are shipped/delivered. A credit card is required for online bidding. We do not charge the card automatically. Payment may be made by check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or cash. Do not send cash through the mail. Payments are due within (14) days of invoice date for online bidders. Interest on delinquent accounts will be assessed after (30) days from auction date. A 3% late charge per month will be added to all accounts. Please remember to give us your credit card number as you sign. Your card will only be charged if payment is not made in the time frame allowed as stated in the terms and conditions of sale. We will always notify you BEFORE a charge is attempted using your card. Fusco Auctions reserve s the right to prohibit bidders with delinquent payments from participation in future events and sales.

5. BUYER'S PREMIUM - The buyer's premium for internet bidders (Live Auctioneers, Fusco Live) is 18% and will be added to the hammer price. There is a 3% reduction in the buyer's premium if paying with cash or check. If you use Live Auctioneers or Auctionzip as your bid platform the buyer's premium is 23% with no discounts.

6. POSTAGE, INSURANCE & TAX - A minimum charge of $2.50 for shipping, handling and insurance fees will be added to invoices for material that is shipped. We must ask all customers who use a P.O. Box for their mailing address to include a UPS address for our files when shipment of larger lots becomes necessary. If you receive an invoice with shipping included, the shipping will be done in house by Fusco Auctions. If no shipping charge is included, your purchase will be shipped by a third party. Ohio residents will have a sales tax of 7.00% added to their invoices as well as sales held at our regular sales location unless exempt status and documentation has been filled out prior to the sale.

7. SHIPMENT - Material is generally shipped within 7-10 business days of payment received in full.

8. SPORTS  AUCTION RETURNS - All items are sold as-is. Any lot which is incorrectly described may be returned within (7) days of receipt and must be returned in the same condition as was originally sent. Lots are not returnable when bidding errors have been made or after the (7) day return grace period has passed. Lots that have been sold to another person by the original bidder are not returnable for any reason. If lots are sent out for authentication, this must be done so with the permission of Fusco Auctions and sent to a mutually agreed upon expert. Card grading is no considered authenticity. Do not return cards that did not get the grade you thought they should get. Returns for any reason other than those being granted an extension are not accepted for any reason after the (7) day grace period.


Any lot which is incorrectly described may be returned within (10) days of receipt and must be returned in the same condition as was originally sent except for lots containing more than ten stamps. Lots containing for than ten stamps are not returnable for any reason. Lots containing ten or more stamps are only returnable as future consignments and only upon approval of Fusco Auctions. No refunds will be made on large lots. Lots that are not returnable for any reason are lots when bidding errors have been made, for centering when stamp(s) are pictured which includes photographed on the internet, lots from buyers who have had the opportunity to examine them before the sale. We must receive such notification, in writing, within (14) days of the date of the sale if you are planning to have a stamp expertized. Only lots containing single catalog numbers are eligible for expertizing, i.e. a set of stamps can’t be returned for expertizing problems. Acceptable authorities to Fusco Auctions for expertizing purposes are the Philatelic Foundation, American Philatelic Society and the Professional Stamp Experts, Inc. Others may be used, but we must be notified of who they are before an item is sent. This is especially true of overseas expert opinion concerns. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the buyer unless the opinion states that the items do not match the description given in the catalog, in which case we will pay the actual cost of the opinion or up to $50. We will not accept returns for any reason after six months has passed from the sale date. Any lot which has a certificate issued with the last five years is sold in accordance with the certificate and is not returnable for any reason including an opinion obtained in a new certificate after the sale.

9. CATALOGS & MARKET INDICATORS USED FOR PRICING AND ESTIMATING - Current issues of trade publications,  public and internet auction results, published reference books and other sources. Estimates on lots represent the fair market value we believe that lot is worth in actual value.

10. ACCEPTANCE - The placing of a bid shall continue acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale.

NOTE TO CONSIGNORS: Payment to you for items consigned with us for auction will be sent out 30-45 days following the auction.